2023 retrospective

to a wonderful year

This year 2023 has been my busiest season so far with 23 weddings, all over France and Europe. It has been a fantastic year!
I had the chance to meet and share the most beautiful days with such adorable and amazing people! I cried, I laughed, I got sunburnt, tired, sad, emotional.
2023 has been a big shift in my carrer, in my life. I realized that I could bring more, do better, serve better. I could aim higher and finally get the life I want and deserve.
I rose from the ashes, got out of that really dark place were life had no sense anymore; to feeling alive and breathing again.

2023 has been the year of change, of care, of healing and making big decisions. I can't wait for what 2024 will bring!

See you next year! 

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