Wedding and elopement photographer in Morocco

Are you ready for the adventure?

Wedding and elopement photographer in Morocco

Dunes of yellow sand, palaces and riads, flavors and smells of oriental food.
I've fallen in love with Morocco and I'm sure you have too!

You could get married in the desert, or near the beautiful waterfalls around Marrakech. Maybe in a beautiful Riad, or on top of a mountain in the Atlas.

There is endless possibilities of fantastic adventures for an unforgettable wedding or elopement in Morocco.

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I’ve discovered Morocco 3 years ago when I offered a road trip to my mum for Christmas.
She had been dreaming of visiting this country for years but never found the time nor the money to do it. I thought this would be a gift she would never forget.
We landed in Fes and traveled all the way to Marrakech, by bus and taxi, with only our backpacks and the Couchsurfing app.

This was truly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! We discovered breathtaking landscapes, full of bright and earthy colors. We got to meet wonderful people who hosted us and showed us their country.

I was touched by how welcoming and nice Moroccan people are.
Later, I came back a few times, in Marrakech most of the time, to see the people we met ou our trip and get to discover more of their culture.

I believe I can be a real strength as a photographer for your wedding in Morocco, as I am accustomed to their traditions and very sensitive to their culture and their art.


Let your wedding be colorful, tasteful and truly magical!

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