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What is included

Embark on a journey of opulence and refinement with 'PRÉLUDE'. An exquisite ode to luxury. Unveil the essence of sophistication as we set the stage for an indulgent visual symphony, where every frame whispers tales of elegance, grandeur, and timeless allure. Join us in a prelude to luxury, where each moment is a masterpiece, and every detail, a brushstroke of extravagance. Let the allure of 'Prélude' captivate your senses, as we redefine opulence in a visual opus of splendor and grace.

3 full days to elevate your brand with education and content creation


For photographers and videographers who want to elevate their brand and business. This masterclass is dedicated to professionals who want to uplevel their game and creativity.
The goal of this event is to focus on energy, emotions and life! We want REAL images, true love, fun and movement!

If you are tired of working 20 weddings a year for no money, if you feel stuck at a glass celling, or scared to reach higher. If you feel frustrated by your portfolio and need more luxurious and high end images, this masterclass is for you!

elevate your brand & content


Opéra de Montpellier


meet The team


Sidonie has been photographing weddings in Provence for over 6 years. Her work focused on documenting raw emotions through powerful and timeless images.

She has always been drawn to teaching. During this masterclass, she will share with you her experience and advice on reaching to a high-end market. Elevating your brand through marketing, images and networking, she will help you get to the next level!


A whole artist: achieving creative freedom through story telling and art direction”.
"We often box ourselves in when it comes to our photography style, look or even feel. In this talk, I want to encourage everyone to start the journey of internal exploration of different ways and possibilities to approach photography itself, storytelling and level up your creative freedom and energy.

CLAUDIA cervantes

Claudia has been working as a wedding planner and coordinator for 8 captivating years and 60 weddings, to create exceptional and memorable experiences for the couples who placed their trust in her.

In this event, she will be our coordinator and planner, making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping track of every detail so we can focus on learning and shooting.


Naomi's artistic journey began in the halls of a photography school in Paris, an enthralling adventure that later led her to film sets. A chance encounter with the work of a florist illuminated her burgeoning passion for creating floral atmospheres.

Following a move to the South of France, the adventure took a new turn with the establishment of her own event design agency, in collaboration with the prestigious Elodie Villemus Weddings group, a benchmark in the world of luxury weddings for nearly 15 years.

She will be our event designer, bringing her modern and unique creative vision to life, for us to capture.  

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In what language will the talks be?


The whole masterclass will be in English. That way we can welcome people from all over the world to this unique experience. Sidonie will however be able to help out a bit for french speakers if needed. But a strong mastery of English will be required.

How many people will be shooting at the same time?

We will split the attendees in two groups of 5. They will both ba assigned one of the educators. We will switch those groups on day 2 so that everyone will be working with both educators.

Will we be able to use the images?

Of course! You'll have full ownership of your images and will be free to use them however you want, you will only need to make sure to credit the team who organized the masterclass.

Do we have to stay at the villa?

Yes. We want to create a real community and being all hosted at the same place is a big element to that. We will not be accepting attendees who want to have their own accommodation.


our pricing varies from 2900€ to 3150€ depending on the housing options you choose. 
FAFCEA funding is available for french people
(up to 1050€)

a 30% retainer will be requested when booking.

from 3900 €