Skin-to-skin session with mother and baby

Baby and Breastfeeding

Sweetness and magic. Capturing pure love, the first smiles, the babbling.
Skin to skin and tenderness, a few drops of white gold, life.

Our babies' first years go by so quickly. One morning you wake up and they are taking their first steps, and a moment later they are off to school! So of course you probably have 25,000 photos of your child on your phone, eating, doing gymnastics on their play mat etc. These photos make memories of these moments and are a great way to remember them. These photos make memories of these moments in life and are invaluable.
But we have so few photos of the whole family. Or of baby with Mum. Let's face it, it's often baby on his own, or with his dad, in photos that are a bit blurry, not always well lit, taken on the fly. I know, I soon filled my phone memory with these images, and strangely enough, almost none of me with my daughter.

A photo session is an opportunity to create soft, authentic images, full of tenderness. It is a privileged moment with baby, whether it is dad or mum. It is also the opportunity to have quality memories of this important stage in your life! Pictures of your breastfeeding for example, or of dad with his tiny baby pressed up against him. Pictures of his first steps, his first bursts of laughter.

Skin to skin, life, love.

Photo mum baby breastfeeding

How does it work?

Let me explain

During your sessions, I seek to capture the connection between you. In simplicity and nature. Whether at home, in my studio or in the wilderness.
We share a gentle moment, during which I accompany you to create strong and moving images. I will guide you and make you feel at ease for sincere photos and above all for a pleasant and memorable experience.
We go at the pace of your baby, listening to your desires.

I prefer sessions with babies between 5 months and 1 year. I find that at this age there is so much more opportunity for interaction, baby is starting to develop his own characteristics and personality. As a parent you are less exhausted and you start to get into a rhythm. This age is really ideal for a photo shoot.

HOW MUCH does it cost?

I offer several packages with prices starting at 300€. They vary according to the number of images you choose to upload to your gallery.

Mother and baby nature session Mother and baby nature session Mother and baby nature session

A lot of sensitivity

Photographer with a lot of sensitivity. She knows how to capture and sublimate a moment.
Sidonie knew how to put us at ease, which was not obvious, and presented us with a photo gallery above our expectations.
We recommend her, and we will not hesitate to come back to her for another important event.

Julie | baby session

She made us feel comfortable

Sidonie visited us at our home for a family photo session, she immediately put us at ease and was able to capture our emotions without changing anything in our daily life, and without us even noticing her presence. She knows how to guide us to put us at ease at the beginning of the session and afterwards everything is natural. The pictures are beautiful and perfectly reflect our life and our family. I will definitely call on Sidonie again for other projects!

Aurélie | family session

Unforgettable memories!

Thank you Sidonie!
Unforgettable memories, photos of the three of us that look so much like us.
You can trust her with your eyes closed! Kind, smiling, creative and full of talent :D

Marina | Baby session




What is the best time to take our photos?


If you do your session outdoors and it is sunny, the best thing to do is to do the session at sunset, to have that soft golden light.

In the case of a home session, the time doesn't matter as long as your room is bright.
If it is grey outside, the sky becomes a giant diffuser and the session can take place at any time.


Where can we have our session?


Absolutely anywhere you want (as long as there is light)
This is the magic of lifestyle sessions!
At my studio, at your home, in the countryside, in the mountains. The important thing is that you like the place and that you feel inspired and comfortable there.


What is my baby's ideal age for a photo shoot?


As I said earlier, the ideal age for a session with baby is between 5 months and 1 year. Indeed, you will have much more interaction and the session will be even more magical!


I'm very uncomfortable in front of the camera, is that a problem?


No, it's not!
To be honest, 90% of my clients people don't like having their picture taken. That's why I've developed techniques to make you feel comfortable and make you forget my presence. And even if you can't completely relax (it happens, it doesn't matter), I promise there will still be great pictures of you!


Do we need to bring special clothing?


Your session should reflect who you are. I advise you to bring comfortable clothes in which you feel beautiful.

In terms of colours, avoid overly colourful patterns and bright colours, prefer pastel tones, a little unsaturated. Also remember to choose styles and colours that go well together.


What do we do if it rains?


If it is raining on the day of your session and it was planned to be outdoors, you have three options:
-Postpone the session to a more clement weather (this can sometimes be a bit long depending on the season and my availability)
-Do the session anyway and have a few laughs while getting wet
-Change the location to be under cover