Cocooning pregnancy session in Chambéry

March 25, 2019

A few weeks ago, I met the florist Adèle in her pretty house near Chambéry to take some pictures of her round can. Adèle is all sweet, a little shy, and quite anxious.
I take the time to discuss and explain to her how the session is going to go. We begin to sympathize, she makes me visit her pretty house, the room of the little one. It's a pretty green room, with a superb cradle in the middle. She explains to me that it is her great-grandmother's crib, in which she also slept as a baby. I am charmed. It's so cute, full of pretty little touches.


photo cradle baby room photo cradle baby room


When the tour's over, we start going through his closet. I look for delicate outfits that will make her feel comfortable and cozy, but also feminine and seductive.
A big comfy sweater, a waistcoat that falls down to contrast with the roundness of her belly, and soft lingerie.

I put Adèle on his bed by the window. That's where I like the light the best. It is diffused by the white curtains and highlights the pretty belly ofAdèle.
I make her sit down first because I feel a little tense. I tell her to sit down and concentrate on her belly, her little one that moves, her sensations. I want her to feel good, beautiful, confident.


pregnancy photo session Chambérypregnancy photo session Chambéry

It's time for a change of venue. Adèle told me how much they loved a picture of pinterest, with a mom and her crib. It is essential for me to listen to the suggestions and desires of my clients, so we tested this photo in the little one's room. I then kept it near the cradle to explore other angles of view and other lights, to diversify the images and impressions. We also showed a nice pair of knitted slippers, which was too cute.

Adèle even tried to strip down a bit. The female body is so beautiful, especially that of a pregnant woman. Maybe it was a way for her to reconnect with this femininity. However, I made sure to capture this moment with modesty, so as not to rush her and block her. Everything was in its own time.


pregnancy photo session ChambérySavoie Baby Room pregnancy photo session Chambérypregnancy photo session Chambérypregnancy photo session Chambéry pregnancy photo session Chambéry photo session pregnancy cocooning Chambérypregnancy photo session Chambéry


With time and discussion taking effect, Adèle relaxed and gained confidence. So I suggested she put on her husband's shirt and focus a little on her. I took a few portraits and we tried playing games with the beautiful bedroom window. Finally, I captured a few details of her garden before coming back to take some softer, cocooning photos with the soft sweater I spotted at the beginning of the session.


photographer pregnant woman Savoie photographer pregnant woman Savoiephotographer pregnant woman Savoiepregnancy photo session Chambéry  pregnancy photo session Chambéry pregnancy photo session Chambéry photographer pregnant woman Savoie

That's it, this session ended over tea, talking about flowers and babies. A magical moment with this sublime mother-to-be. A session that I won't forget!

The word fromAdèle when she discovered the photos:

"What a great job you've done! I find the photos soft, pretty, tender and bathed in gentle emotions, frankly moved by their viewing...
I thank you a thousand times for the attention you've given me, it will remain a tender memory from now on...
I find that nudity is not at all embarrassing in your photos and am pleasantly surprised. I really liked the profile photos with the contrast of light behind, which looks really good with my belly. It's weird to have so many pictures of me, I'm not used to it but the result is so beautiful! “


See you soon!