Connection session in Porto, Portugal

February 25, 2020

A few months ago now, in the middle of October 2019, I offered myself a great adventure.
Last October 20th, it was my birthday. A few weeks before, I had seen on Facebook the workshop of the photographer Eric-rené-Penoy, a talented artist and renowned trainer.
On this workshop he was accompanied by the photographer Josée Lamarre, whose work I didn't know much about, but who nevertheless touched me a lot.
So I decided to give myself a little gift, from me to me, and to go to Porto, Portugal, for this 2-day workshop.

Well, I can tell you I don't regret it!
It was such a great experience! Two days in the company of super talented photographers, not only the speakers but also the participants.
Great encounters, great moments, tears, laughter.

We did a photo shoot with a couple of absolutely adorable photographers, overflowing with tenderness and love.
There I discovered the power of silence and connection during an intimate, emotionally charged couple session.
I learned to let the magic of love work its magic and marvel at its tenderness.

We discovered the beautiful city of Porto, full of life, warm colours and beautiful buildings. I will come back to enjoy it even more with my lover, for sure!

I let you discover the photos taken during this workshop, guided by Eric-René and Josée Lamarre, organized by Roma Eventos.
Thank you again a thousand times for this great experience!

login session in Porto