Skin-to-skin breastfeeding session in Montélimar

7 December 2020

Four months ago I met Manech and his cute little family to immortalize his first month of life.
It was a session full of tenderness in their family cocoon.

A few months later, Claire came back to me for a very special session; skin-to-skin breastfeeding photos. Being a breastfeeding mother myself for the past few months, I am very touched by everything related to motherhood, especially at this time. I have been very interested in proximal mothering and the benefits of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin for our babies. So this session has a very special flavour for me.

For this photo shoot, it only took a little bit. A pretty lace vest lent for the occasion, a few plants and a window. The rest was the magic of their relationship that did it all. I simply observed and captured their complicity and tenderness.

Claire's note when she got the photos:

"I never thought I'd have these pictures with my baby, I'm over the moon! Thank you, a thousand times, the sweetness of these pictures of my babies ♥ "

If you like this type of session and you are a young mother, breastfeeding or not:


In the meantime, let's make way for this sweet photo shoot in Montélimar, in the Drôme Provençale.

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