Live the experience


Wedding / Elopement

Let yourseves be carried away by the atmosphere of this day. Enjoy it thoroughly and let me capture its best moments.
I have an intimate and modern reporter approach for atypical images that resemble you and will make you relive the intense emotions of this day.

Photos famille Rhône-Alpes

Lifestyle sessions

There is not always a need for great opportunities to afford a photo shoot. I also accompany you on a daily basis, for sessions with family, couples, friends, solo, boudoir, everything that goes through your head in fact. Contact me to discuss your projetc!

portrait artisan luthier

Corporate / Creator

It is essential for a company to have a good image on the internet and its social network. I accompany you in your workshop or at your workplace to capture high quality images and highlight your skills and your brand image.



• How many images do you deliver on average ?

I deliver all the photos that I like and that will touch you. For a lifestyle session, it generally revolves around 30 to 40 images, for a wedding, it varies depending on the collection chosen but on average I will say 500 photos over the day.

• How should we dress up for our sesison?

COMFORTABLE! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, the rest will go on its own. My only advice would be to choose neutral colors (grey / brown / oliv green) and avoid patterns that are too colorful and colors too flashy. Why? Simply because it diverts attention to your clothes, while it is you, your expressions and your chemistry that I am trying to capture.

• How do we book you?

If you liked my work and feel like I would be a good fit for you, you simply need to send me an e-mail via my contact form.
Tell me as much as possible about you and your project and we can set a date to meet.
After that, you simply need to sign a contract and pay a 30% deposit to secure your date, and I'll be yours for the day or your session!!!