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Because it doesn't always take great moments for great emotions...

A photo shoot with me is an hour of laughter, joy, sometimes tears.
One hour of you, in the heart of your most beautiful moments of life, even the smallest ones.
It's a moment of sharing and connection, for two or more people.

Being rather a follower of simplicity, I propose two formulas, which apply to all my sessions.

A 10% surcharge applies to sessions held at weekends and on public holidays. holidays.

If you book two sessions in a row (e.g. pregnancy + newborn) a 15% discount applies to the second session.

A 15% discount is also offered to you if you recommend me to a friend and he/she books a session for me.



Distance should not be a brake on a crush!

Travel costs are included for 30km, beyond that they amount to 35ct/km + motorway or the actual price of the train/plane ticket.

Bringing me to you for a session doesn't have to cost you much.

Here are a few examples of travel expenses depending on the destination:

- Paris and most major cities in France: from 50 to 150 €.
- Europe: around 200€.
- Morocco: about 200€.

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For those who love each other

Recently engaged? Want some nice pictures of you two? It's so sweet to spend a romantic moment chatting and saying sweet words to each other! Outdoors or in your cocoon, anything is possible, as long as there is love in abundance. Because I love love, and I love taking pictures of it even more.
Tell me about yourself, your story and your passions, and let's go running in the mountains, with your hair in the wind and the sun in your hair!
Let's go live this nice little adventure for a moment and burn it for a lifetime!

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For expectant mothers, what pregnancy makes so beautiful!

You've been dreaming about it for years, this is the life that's coming up. You can feel it growing inside you and it's just magical!
But it only lasts 9 months. Sometimes too short, sometimes much too long, but you have to keep a nice memory of it.
You look so beautiful with that round belly!
With your family or alone, each session is unique and adapted to you, your personality and your tastes.
Ideally contact me around the 5th month to organize your session during the 7th month and enjoy being still in shape while having taken beautiful forms.


A precious moment all together.

If there's one thing that matters more than anything else in the world, it's family!
The people who share your everyday life, who grow up with you.
The cries of joy, the tears, the laughter, the battles, the tickling, the hugs. What if we capture some of that?
These sessions can be done at home or outdoors, depending on what you want.
The ideal age of children for this type of session is between 1 and 10 years old.
Don't forget to contact me if you have any questions!



What's the best time to take our pictures?


If you do your session outdoors and it is sunny, the best thing to do is to do the session at sunset, to have that soft golden light.

In the case of a home session, the time doesn't matter as long as your room is bright.
If it is grey outside, the sky becomes a giant diffuser and the session can take place at any time.


Where can we have our session?


Absolutely anywhere you want (as long as there's light)
That's the magic of lifestyle sessions!
At home, in the city, in the mountains, in a café, in a BnB air. The important thing is that you like the place.


I'm very uncomfortable in front of the camera, is that a problem?


No, it's not!
To be honest, 90% of my clients people don't like having their picture taken. That's why I've developed techniques to make you feel comfortable and make you forget my presence. And even if you can't completely relax (it happens, it doesn't matter), I promise there will still be great pictures of you!


Do we need to bring special clothing?


Your session should reflect who you are. I advise you to bring comfortable clothes in which you feel beautiful.

In terms of colours, avoid overly colourful patterns and bright colours, prefer pastel tones, a little unsaturated. Also remember to choose styles and colours that go well together.


What do we do if it rains?


If it rains on the day of your session, you have three options:
-postpone the session to a warmer weather (it can sometimes be a little long depending on the season and my availability)
-Do the session anyway and laugh a little while you get wet.
-Change the place to take shelter.



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