If you're about to get married and have already contacted a few photographers, you've probably heard about the engagement session . Personally I offer it as an option and it is included in my SOLEIL collection.

But what's the commitment session?

This is a photo session at couple that takes place before the wedding, often shortly after your engagement, and allows you to mark the occasion and sometimes take photos for your wedding invitations.
But it's a little more than that.

Here are my reasons for choosing to do a commitment session:

1- It's an opportunity to get to know each other

In 80% of the cases, I meet my bride and groom via Skype during our first client meeting. It's an opportunity to discuss a little bit, to exchange on your wedding project and to learn a little bit more about you. It's also a time to see if the feeling goes well between us (it's ultra important!).
At the end of this meeting, you may have decided that I will be the one to immortalize your big day (yaaaaay!!!!).

This is where the engagement session gets great! It's an opportunity to meet us and get to know each other better. We create a special bond during this session and it allows you to really feel more comfortable with me on the day. We can discuss your fears, your preferences, or just have a great time together.


photos from couple in the drome

2- It's a good training for the pictures of couple on the D-Day.

As I was talking about in this article last week, I always propose a photo shoot from couple during the wedding day. The engagement session is a great opportunity to train you, to familiarize you with the camera and my way of working, so that on the day of the wedding we ask ourselves less questions. You will be able to concentrate on kiffer the present moment and you will be much more comfortable with the photos.


photographer in Drôme provençale

3- These are pictures of you au naturel.

On the big day, you're all dressed up, you're all done up, you're all made up, you're all dressed up. That's great. It's hot! But that's not really the way you guys are in everyday life. You're also probably a little more stressed out and time-stressed.
The engagement session allows you to take more natural, more authentic pictures of yourself. Pictures that really look like you and reflect who you are in everyday life. You make yourself beautiful of course, but you will surely be more comfortable in more comfortable clothes, a little more yourself.


commitment photo opportunity

4- It's a chance to have fun!

Yes! Who hasn't dreamt of great photos of couple in the water, on the terrace of their favourite café, in the cocoon of their house, in their bathtub or on a mountain top?
It's now or never! Everything is possible during the engagement session. Your imagination is the only limit! Take the opportunity to let go and live a great adventure! I follow you everywhere!


photos from couple natural in Provence


We hope that this short list will have made you want to live this experience! Don't hesitate to contact me for more information about my wedding servicesinfos and my sessions couple!