Nobody likes posed pictures.

During my first contacts with my future brides and grooms, during their client appointments for example, they often share with me their concerns about the photo session couple during their wedding.

Most of you are apprehensive about this moment, afraid that the photos are too posed, that you will feel uncomfortable, that the images are unnatural. And how I understand you!
We often associate the session couple with a moment of discomfort where we will have to smile at the camera or make strange poses. You are afraid of not being photogenic, of not recognizing yourself in your pictures. As a result, you often try to make it as short as possible to spare yourself this moment.

What if in real life it's a great time?

That's what I often say to my bride and groom to reassure them.
The session couple can be a great time!
Why is that?

It's the occasion for you to get a little "alone" (yes I'll be there, but you'll forget me very quickly, I promise) both of you to enjoy a little respite during this crazy day. You will be able to take a breather, get together and reconnect, exchange your impressions of your wedding day, realize that this is it! you are married!!!!

And then it won't necessarily be that bad (or even not at all). A big part of my job as a wedding photographer is to make you forget that it's a photo shoot and to create a climate of trust with you.
I don't pose you and ask you to look at the camera and smile.
Instead I make you move, run, talk, laugh, share. I guide you so that the light is at its best and you look as beautiful as possible, but the magic is really in your letting go and our ability to trust each other.
The little extra is when you give way to your creativity. When you dare to kiss each other fiercely, whisper sweet words in your ear, connect and enjoy this sweet moment to the fullest.

To give you an idea of what this can look like, I've prepared a small gallery of my favorite wedding pictures. couple Maybe it'll inspire you for your who knows what session?