Passionate and hypersensitive.

I was born in the Drôme where I spent my childhood in a big house with chickens, donkeys and cats. With my little brother and my big sister, we often went on holiday to our grandparents' house in the Ardèche where we played in the forest, building huts and going in search of elves and elves.
When I was little, I wanted to be a palaeontologist or an astrophysicist. At school, I loved science, as if discovering life was a vocation. I also drew. I drew a lot. Until I became a cartoon animator, another way for me to give life to beautiful stories that deserve to be heard.

I got my first SLR camera when I was 14. This understanding of the world around me, as in science or drawing, now involved the immortalization of emotions: A little flower, a smile, love, life. Little by little I realized that love is life. To rediscover those moments when two beings are bound together with love with a special tenderness and connection, that is my life. Whether it is for a wedding or a future family life, we can say "I love you" without talking to each other, "I will always be there for you" with a simple touch. We can live a tender and connected love.

Photographer in the Drome
drôme photo studio

I like: The mountains // my darling // my daughter // dancing // chocolate

I dream of: An eco-responsible house // A golden retriever // A soft world // Time to travel.


- A proposal of marriage

- The daily life of a family over a whole day

- A session couple with a dog

- One couple of old people and their secrets for such a long relationship.

- A ceremony in a super atypical place.

-Childbirth and the first moments of these new parents and their baby.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to live one of these experiences with me!

sidonie vidal photographer Drôme

We look forward to meeting you and sharing a little piece of this wonderful adventure that is life!

Would you like to do that?

Photo by Emi Makarof