Passionate and hypersensitive.

Photographer of wild souls and free spirits, I have been documenting your weddings and photo shoots in Provence since 2018.

I am often described as a bubbly, passionate and wild young woman. I am fascinated by the connection, love and tenderness that animates human relationships. I love free, fun people who are not afraid to love like crazy. Sensitive souls, in search of meaning and connection.
Nature has a privileged place in my life, through an ecological awareness and a vital need to recharge my batteries in the wild landscapes that inspire me.

My images are shaped by my personality, my sensitivity and the way I see the world. I photograph your weddings and life moments with kindness, passion and tenderness, to offer you vibrant, intimate and authentic memories.

Sidonie vidal
Photographer in the Drome Photo mom and baby

I like: The mountains // my darling // my daughter // dancing // chocolate

I dream of: An eco-responsible house // a golden retriever // a better world // a cargo bike.


- A marriage proposal

- The daily life of a family over a whole day

- A couple session with a dog

- One couple of old people and their secrets for such a long relationship.

- A ceremony in a very atypical place.

-Childbirth and the first moments of these new parents and their baby.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to live one of these experiences with me!

Sidonie VIdal wedding photographer Drome Privencale

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a little piece of this wonderful adventure that is life!

Would you like to do that?

Photo by Emi Makarof