Rustic wedding in Savoie

July 2, 2019

Today I show you the pictures of the nice rustic wedding of C and F in Savoie. I was assisted there by the wonderful Mélissa who was an indispensable help to me.
I have a funny anecdote about this couple and me. They found me by chance on a wedding directory and fell in love with my work. In the course of our conversations, I learn that they come from French Guiana where they have been living for a few years. It's funny, I've also lived in French Guiana for a few months! So did my partner (can you feel her coming?).
As Guyana is not very big and not very densely populated, I ask them if they know a Baptist by chance: "Oh yes, they do! We used to go hiking in the forest with him! Do you know him?"
"A little, yes, I live with him in Annecy!"
It's a small world...


Well, if not, their marriage!

Well, that was beautiful! It really was! Full of emotions, authentic, joyful, lively, in short everything I love!
They rented an old farm for the occasion, the Ferme de la Mense in Aillon-le-Jeune, and invited their loved ones from French Guiana and Savoie. A great place for lovely people.
The ceremony was planned outside but the weather decided otherwise. As the rain was with us, we went to take refuge in the big hall of the farm. I must admit that the light was quite complicated and that getting everyone inside was not easy. But that didn't take anything away from the good mood of my bride and groom and their guests.
The ceremony went off without a hitch, punctuated by songs, laughter and tears (even I shed a few).
The rain nevertheless decided to stop while the bride and groom were going out, so they were covered with grains of rice and couac (a Guyanese root).
We then set off for our couple session once the cocktail party has started and the guests are settled in. This nice moment just for them where they could celebrate their union in all intimacy.

Then we took some group pictures in the rain (well for me, because my clients are kings, I won't let them get wet) and then back to the cocktail party to drink a few glasses of champagne, enjoy the friends, and especially cut the cheese wheel that makes them serve as a set piece (I told you that I thought they were too cool these two?).

And here we are, end of the day for me, I go home to empty my memory cards and rest my ground legs, the cameras full of beautiful images that I let you discover right away!

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