Bohemian chic wedding at Voltaire's Castle in Ferney

September 20, 2019

Bea and Kristian got married a few months ago in the beautiful Voltaire castle in Ferney-Voltaire, a pretty town on the border of Switzerland.
It was a beautiful bohemian chic wedding with an original decoration set up by Bea (the bride). Indeed, being the artistic director, it was obvious that she would do a superb job!

Bea and Kris contacted me through my instagram profile where they found out about my work. They are very sensitive to aesthetics and photography, so it was super important for them to hire a professional photographer for their wedding.
I immediately connected well with Bea who is simply adorable. She gave me lots of details about their event, about them, their family life and their choice to get married.

The day I met their loved ones and family and it was magical! A day full of love, kindness and happiness.
The rain invited itself to the rendezvous and prevented us from doing the secular ceremony at its place of origin, but this did not prevent my lovers from living a moment full of emotions in the shelter of the castle's orangery.
Afterwards, the cocktail party took place under a beautiful sun, in the park of the castle. It was a real pleasure to sip the delicious drinks while nibbling on the appetizers and cakes so beautifully presented!
We then slipped away for a few minutes with my bride and groom for their wedding reception. photo opportunity of couple. That precious moment when they finally find themselves together in the turmoil of that day. It's my favorite part of the day. A small intimate bubble is created and they take advantage of these few minutes of calm to breathe and realize that they are finally married!

To finish the meal, a moment of fun and strong emotions, between games and speeches. Guests go wild and the crazy atmosphere is set up to get the evening off to a great start!
I leave at that moment, letting them enjoy the dancefloor and the rest of the party. I'm washed out but happy to have shared another magical day with golden people.
Let's take pictures!

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