Bohemian Elopement in Annecy

July 22, 2019

Crystine and Christopher came a long way to get married in Annecy. They decided to fly from the United States for a bohemian and romantic elopement at the Pont des Amours.
Crystine has a whole family in Annecy, so it was obvious for her to come and get married in this beautiful part of France. For Christopher it was a first in this beautiful city, and he will keep an imperishable memory of it.

They were both beautiful! Shy, happy, in love. A compendium of sweetness and joy.
Their ceremony took place on the Pont des Amours, at 9 o'clock in the morning, surrounded by their loved ones and a few curious passers-by. To capture the essence of it, I was once again accompanied byOrigami Films' shock team, talented videographers about Annecy.

The weather did them a favor, offering them a magnificent sunshine for the few dozen minutes needed to exchange their wishes and consents. It was not so clement during their session couple where it started raining rain! But it didn't dampen their good mood, they even took a few pictures under the drops before running to take refuge under the stage of the little lost ball.

They then wanted to visit the superb Annecy castle. A place of character with a sublime view of the city and the lake below. It was also a first for me to enter this castle, I advise you to go there for a tour if you have the opportunity!

After a few shots in this really special place, we split up. They continued their day surrounded by their loved ones to celebrate their union, and I went home with stars in my eyes.

Crystine and Christopher from OrigamiFilms on Vimeo.

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