The first and most important thing, dress comfortably. A lifestyle session can take place indoors or outdoors, and I'll get you moving, interacting, running sometimes. It is necessary that you feel good in your sneakers.
It is also very important that you wear clothes that you like and make you feel beautiful, that make you look good. The goal of a session is to have nice memories of yourselves, as you are naturally.

The colors

They go hand in hand with styling. In general, my processing and photographic style is made up of rather soft, warm and low-saturated colours.

You have an example above of a perfect color palette for a session.
Avoid colourful patterns, bright and out of tune colours at all costs. This is not a whim, but simply because it will divert attention from your outfit, and therefore steal the spotlight from you. In addition, these softer types of colours contribute to the general atmosphere of the session. They create harmony and support the idea of connection and love that is so dear to us.

Don't hesitate to contact me before your session to ask for advice on the choice of your outfit, by sending me pictures for example. And on the big day, don't forget to bring one or two extra options so that we can find the perfect style for your session!


My sessions aim to capture your daily life and extract the most beautiful moments of connection, in a natural way. This is why I strongly encourage you to wear everyday clothes that you would wear when going for a walk with your family or a coffee on the terrace.
What's great is if you adapt your clothes according to the season and the atmosphere of your session. But don't get too worked up, often the simplest is the most effective. The goal is not that your clothes take all the attention, they are there to highlight an atmosphere, a style, and especially to highlight you.
We therefore avoid colourful patterns (cares, stripes) and inscriptions.
Also think about the place of the session. Indoors, a rather soft and cocooning atmosphere, outdoors, a little taste of adventure perhaps?

For men


To give you a few ideas, a simple well-cut T-shirt or a nice linen shirt, simple jeans or trousers and shoes such as converse shoes or leather ankle boots. A small accessory such as a scarf, waistcoat, leather jacket or jeans, as long as it looks like you.

For women


A pretty skirt, a flowing maxi dress, a simple top with jeans, a big cosy sweater, everything is possible. Try to have styles that go well together if there are several of you, with a common theme, a universe.

For pregnancy sessions

Let's see your pretty round belly!

If the session takes place outdoors, your outfit will vary according to the season.
But an outfit that works every time for moms is a beautiful logue dress that highlights your pretty belly.

In winter a tight sweater or a large skirt. At home, a big knitted sweater or a shawl associated with a pretty fine lingerie will be perfect!

photographer pregnant woman at home
intimate pregnancy photo session Drôme

The whole point is that your pretty belly comes out and you feel good and beautiful.

For families

In the family it becomes a little more complicated and sometimes you have to reflect a bit.
For the children, have fun, a pretty dress for the girls, or on the contrary, super dungarees, little pants for the boys, with a simple shirt or t-shirt, a small jacket. For babies and newborns, a simple bodysuit or a nice pyjama can be enough, if you have a little outfit you love it's time to put it on!
Parents, agree among yourselves and with your children, always favoring comfort and well-being.

You have no idea or no clothes that match?

Don't worry!

I provide you with various accessories and outfits to perfect the look of your session.
These accessories include dresses, baby and children's clothing, sweaters for the cocooning sessions, flower wreaths, pretty nappies and baby blankets.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you are interested during our discussions before the session!


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