What I like about you...

This year I have set myself the goal of making more personal projects. I want to develop my creativity outside the professional field, outside the codes and rules of social photography.
My goal is to use these projects to test things, break rules, get out of my comfort zone.

This particular project is my very first. It's called "What I Love About You."
The title is self-explanatory.

Since I had to start somewhere, and the person I love the most in the world lives with me, it was only natural that the Lover was my first guinea pig.
So I put him here, in front of the camera, and I tried to show you what I like about him (which turned out to be quite difficult since I like just about everything... but hey).

For a first try, I'm only half satisfied. I was still a little skittish about the experiment and I could have gone so much further.
But you have to start somewhere. And I like this start anyway. It lays the foundation for a new exploration, a new path in photography, new inspirations and a discovery of myself and the people I love.

Let's go to the pictures.

What I like about you...

Your hands...

How I love your hands!
Soft and strong at the same time, square and elegant.

portrait intimate black and white

About you...

photo hands man

On me...

portrait intimate couple

When you nibble them.

portrait bearded man

Your chest.

Hairy and muscular, a real cosy cushion where to rest when I am sad, happy, tired, relieved.

portrait intimate manportrait intimate man

And then this lovely path to happiness that I find so sexy...

Your back.

With her moles and scars.
Your back that I grab when we make love, your back that always reminds me of a little boy's, despite your muscles and the width of your shoulders.

portrait intimate man portrait intimate man intimate photo man

Your skin,

especially when it's right up against mine.

sensual touch

Your beard.

Who I watched grow up with you. To think that when I met you, you had only a light fuzz. It's been well stocked over the last 10 years.
I love the way you cut it, the way you touch it when you think, the way it defines your face and is part of you.

portrait bearded manportrait bearded man

Your smile. Especially your smile.

The one that broke me down 10 years ago and again a year ago. That devastating smile, tender and sincere.

portrait bearded man portrait bearded man portrait bearded man

Your mouth,

the sweetness of your kisses.

And then all of you,

with your attitudes, your facial expressions, your strengths and weaknesses, you...

portrait intimate man