Full of energy and hypersensitive, I feel and do everything at 200%.

My style reflects this sensitivity. This contrasted and warm aspects of my personnality, as well as it's tender and intimate side that allows me to recharge my batteries.
In my images you will find love, tenderness, emotions and joy.

I love: Mountaines // my love // my fluffy cat ♥ // dancing // chocolate

I dream about it: An eco-responsable house in the mountains // a border-collie dog // a baby // time to travel.

Do you want to see more of my work?

Born in the countryside, I have always had a very strong contact with nature. I have always regarded it as something sacred, alive, beautiful and powerful. That’s why I like to highlight this nature in my images and my sessions.
Some people love the sea, others the city, others still, flat and wild spaces.
For me it’s the mountains. I only really feel at home in a place surrounded by rocky peaks.
There is something magical about the mountains, something soothing.


A lifelong astronomy enthusiast, I also wanted to include this in my identity as a photographer. So this is where my logo and the name of my collections come from.
Find out more about me by reading this article.


So welcome to my world, hoping you’ll enjoy the ride.


The sessions I would LOVE to do

• A  couple session in the water (sea/lake/river/bathtub)

• A wedding proposal

• A full day documentary of a family’s life.

A couple session with a dog

• A couple of elderly t o learn more about their secrets to a life long relationship.

• A ceremony in a very atypical location.

• Birth photography.

Please contact me if you want to live on of these experiences with me!

I'm looking forward to meeting you and share a bit of this wonderful adventure that life is!

Up for it?