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Wedding photographer based in the Drôme, Montélimar, available in Provence, throughout France and Europe

For your intimate weddings and everyday photo shoots .
Spontaneous and natural images that look like you.


My approach

Capturing everyday love, its beauty, simplicity, strength. That's what my work as a photographer is all about. To show you how sweet it is to love, how it makes you beautiful, there, as you are.
A session with me is an opportunity to celebrate this love and to appreciate it in every gesture, every word, every look.

Ready to embark on this adventure with me?

intimate wedding photographer montelimar

Professional photographer since 2018, I do so-called photo reportage. This means that I try to tell the story of your day, in an authentic and natural way. For this reason, I intervene very little at your wedding. I simply witness what is happening in front of me, and I try to capture it in the most sincere way possible.

Although I take the time to prepare this day with you, it is very hard to anticipate everything at a wedding. Your emotions, the surprises, the unexpected events. That's why I do everything to be everywhere at once. I never stop, there are always beautiful things to capture. My goal is also that you have images of what you couldn't see that day. Children playing, your friends crying with joy, your families getting closer. So that you can rediscover your wedding when the images are delivered and not miss a crumb of it.

I strongly believe thata wedding should be like you, even if it means breaking codes and traditions. I am particularly sensitive to atypical weddings, in connection with nature, which focus on emotions and sharing. It is essential for me to feel in adequacy with the values of my bride and groom, that's why I specialize in intimate weddings (less than 150 people). I am available mainly in the Drôme / Ardèche and in Provence, but do not hesitate to talk to me about your project, I am not afraid to move!

Before any engagement, I always take the time to meet you, to discuss your project, your wishes for your wedding day. Indeed, I need to know you to be able to understand your desires and offer you a photo report that suits you. Every detail is important to tell your story as well as possible. On the D-day I can blend in with the guests, I feel connected and involved and I live your day in its heart. Your photos will make all the more sense.


Photographer of the crazy in love.

Very sensitive, I have an easy tear, an artichoke heart and an overflowing energy. True passionate about love and human relationships, connection is the heart of my work. The connection between you, your guests, but also between us.

Browse through my site to find out a little more. I look forward to spending a special time with you!

Photographer in Montélimar
wedding photographer montelimar

Beauty is found in everyday life.

Let's live the adventure

I am with you in every moment of your life.


A magical day and the beginning of a great adventure.


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Moments of connection and exchange as a family.


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Quality images for your communication and networks.


Emotions, tenderness, connection

Have the wedding of your dreams.


"A magical day"


Because Sidonie knows exactly how to capture the moment, because she knows how to put people at ease behind her lens, because she is ultra-easy contact , because she is kind, caring and complicit, because she has a well-defined style of photography, in short, for all these reasons, I can only recommend using her services.
Thank you again for everything, my favourite!

Thanh + Thomas

"Sidonie is just great! "

WEDDING - July 2017

"Sidonie is just great! She runs all over the place, jumps, climbs, crawls... and always with energy to be in the right place at the right time! And the result is there because her photos are magnificent!
Her presence is discreet, she knows how to let herself be forgotten while slipping us a few suggestions at times to bring out a detail or make us slow down a gesture. During the couple session, we were like the only ones in the world and therefore very natural on the pictures.
She knew how to sublimate each important moment with her style and her choice of framing! In short, thank you again for brilliantly capturing all these intense moments, which we will never forget thanks to you! "

Aurélie & Nicolas

"A magnificent result"

WEDDING - July 2021

What a joy to have had Sidonie for our wedding photos! She is a gem... Talented, sweet and attentive, she knew how to sublimate our best moments and for that we would recommend her to anyone... Go with your eyes closed... but afterwards open them to enjoy your photos ;-)

Fabrice + Virginia

"The result is so beautiful"


"Connected early this morning by chance, I'm glad I already got the pictures!
What a great job you did! I find the photos soft, pretty, tender and bathed in sweet emotions, frankly moved by their viewing ...
I thank you a thousand times for the attention you've given me, it will remain a tender memory from now on..."


"An unforgettable memory"


"An unforgettable memory that this pregnancy photo shoot with my lover and this wonderful Sidonie!!!! A very talented photographer with a big heart who really knows how to capture the emotions! Pictures that reflect her image, a warm atmosphere, great professionalism and even a nice gallery to top it all off! Many thanks again!"

Marie & Hippolyte


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