Sensible and passionate photographer.

I am often described as a bubbly, passionate and wild young woman. I am fascinated by the connection, love and tenderness that drive human relationships. I like free, fun people, who aren't afraid to love deeply. Lovers of simple things, in search of meaning and connection.
Nature has a privileged place in my life, through an ecological awareness and a vital need to recharge my energy in its wild landscapes.

My images are shaped by my personality, my sensitivity and my vision of the world. I document your weddings and love stories with elegance and poetry, to offer you vibrant, intimate and authentic memories.

Sidonie VIdal photographe mariage Drome Privencale
Photo maman et bebe


Cheerful, passionate, sensible and full of energy. I am always happy to help, give you a hand if needed. Although I remain professional and focused on my work, I don't mind chatting with you or your guests and bringing some good vibes into your day. I might shed some tears during emotional moments, as I feel my work is so much stronger when I let myself be moved and immersed into your story.


Discrete, focused and aware. I take great care not to disturb the spontaneity of the events, placing myself as the witness of your story. It is a constant balance between being present and active to capture great and immersive images while making myself as invisible and quiet as possible.
I can sometimes be an advisor on some subjects if needed, although I will never impose anything, as it is your day and you should experience it exactly the way you want. My work is never more important your expercience.


• A marriage proposal

• A wedding in Morocco

• A couple session with a dog

• An elderly couple to document the secrets of their long lasting love.

• A ceremony in an atypical location.

Make sure to reach out to me if you want to capture one of these experiences!